Please rely on us
when you wish to introduce
a wood stove in Niseko.

Hokkaido Link Up, Niseko Branch is one of the best professional shops in the region that is operated by a shop manager who has lived in the Niseko area for a long time. As a locally based shop well acquainted with the local situation, we have much experience building fireplaces. With plenty of professional knowledge and expertise, we will give you advice on selection of tools, construction techniques and ways to enjoy your fireplace.

We have much experience building wood stoves! We can construct a custom fireplace which is unique for this area.

We have proposed a life with a wood stove to many customers. With more and more villas and condos being constructed these years, we accept orders for construction not only of normal wood stoves but also of custom fireplaces which are unique for this area.


We can respond in two languages:Japanese and English.

Niseko is a town visited by various people from around the world. Our staff can speak both Japanese and English, so please feel free to consult us.

You can feel reassured with our reliable construction maintenance system in collaboration with our Sapporo headquarters.

Wood stoves and fireplaces require reliable construction and regular maintenance. We in the Niseko Branch will provide support to help you use stoves in a safe and secure manner in reliable collaboration with the Sapporo headquarters of Hokkaido Link Up.


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